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Hardback edition (Donald I. Fine Books, 1996) ISBN: 1-55611-480-X.

*Bram Stoker Award Winner for Best First Horror Novel.

*Bram Stoker Award Nominee for Best Horror Novel of the year.


Paperback edition (Signet/Penguin Putnam, 1998) ISBN: 0-451-19736-4.


Limited leather-bound edition (Delirium Books,2004).


Trade paperback edition (Independent Legions Publishing, 2019)


Audio edition (Books in Motion 2007) ISBN: 1-59607-163-X.


Republished in several foreign countries including Germany (Otherworld Verlag ,2008) ISBN: 3-9502185-3-X, Italy (Independent Legions), and Croatia


Kindle edition (Amazon, 2014).



Shaman Moon

 Published in the omnibus edition The Essential World of Darkness. (White Wolf, 1997) ISBN:1-56504-864-4.



Darker Than Night, (Signet/Penguin Putnam, 1999) ISBN: 0-451-19878-6.

*Bram Stoker Award Nominee for Best Horror Novel of the year.


Audio edition (Books in Motion, 2002) ISBN: 1-58116-587-0.


German edition (Otherworld Verlag, 2008) ISBN: 3-902607-03-3.


Kindle edition (Amazon, 2014).



Evil Whispers (Signet/Penguin Putnam ,2001) ISBN: 0-451-20291-0.


Kindle edition (Amazon, 2014).



Breed (Signet/Penguin Putnam, 2002) ISBN: 0-451-20567-7.


Audio edition (Books in Motion, 2005) ISBN: 1-59607-425-6.


Kindle edition (Amazon, 2014).



Coyote Rage (Independent Legions Publishing,) ISBN: 9788831959254


*Bram Stoker Award Winner for best novel of 2019



**Owl has also ghostwritten a science fiction novel for an multi Emmy award winning actor.






The Gift. The Wright Group/ McGraw Hill, 1997) ISBN: 0-7802-8301-5.


Eagle Feathers, (The Wright Group/McGraw Hill, 1997) ISBN: 0-7802-8323-6.


*Storytelling World Awards Honor Winner.





Tribal Screams, Independent Legions Publishing, 2018, ISBN: 9788831959162.







"Tacachale," Grails: Quests, Visitations and Other Occurrences (Unnameable Press, 1992), Grails, Visitations of the Night (Roc Books, 1994).


"Spoils of War," Confederacy of the Dead (Roc Books, 1993).


"A Place of Miracles," Quest to Riverworld (Warner Books, 1993).


"Animal Sounds," Tales from the Great Turtle (Tor Books, 1994).


"Gator Bait," Tales from the Great Turtle (Tor Books, 1994) *written under the name Jay Littlehawk.


"Sealed with a Kiss," South from Midnight (Southern Fried Press, 1994).


"Creatures of Native American Myths," Werewolf Storytellers Handbook (White Wolf, 1994).


"Fang of the Wolf," When Will You Rage? (White Wolf, 1994).


"Grass Dancer," Excalibur (Warner Books, 1995). Republished in numerous anthologies and magazines worldwide.

*Nebula Award Nominee for Best Short Story of the Year.


"Keeper of Souls," The Book of Kings (Roc Books, 1995).


"The Bride," Once Upon a Midnight (Unnameable Press, 1995).


"The Oratory of Walking Hawk," The Fragile Path (White Wolf, 1995).


"Last Man in Line," Phantoms of the Night (Daw Books, 1996).


"Ashes," Framed: A Gallery of Dark Delicacies (Dark Delicacies, 2003).


"Dance Macabre," Horror Writer Association Poetry Showcase Volume VI (HWA 2019).


"Dance of the Damned," Space & Time (#138, 2020).


"Walking Sam," Horror Writers Association Poetry Showcase Volume VII (HWA, 2020)


 "Witches' Night," Midnight in the Pentagram (Silver Shamrock Publishing, 2020).


 "Doorways of the Soul," Video Palace: In Search of the Eyeless Man (Tiller Press, Simon & Schuster, Inc., 2020).





"Guitar God, short film, Abyssmal Entertainment.


PSA for Keep Seminole Beautiful.


The Thing Under my Bed, Feature length film, Fear Film (in development).


Spook Hill, Feature length film, Abyssmal Entertainmnet, (in development).


Owl has also written scripts based on several of his novels.





"My Favorite Halloween Memory," October Dreams: A Celebration of Halloween (Cemetery Dance, 2000).


"Dark Light Focus: Forrest J. Ackerman," Writing Horror (Writers Digest Books, 1997).


"Forward," The Lift: 9 Stories of Transformation Volume 1 (9th Story Publishing, 2018).


"Introduction," Consumed: Tales Inspired by the Wendigo (Denver Horror Collective, 2020).


Have also written numerous self-defense articles for leading martial arts magazines, including Black Belt and Tae Kwon Do Times. *All articles were written under an alias.



Owl Goingback—Praise and Reviews


"Owl Goingback is a hell of a writer." –Neil Gaiman, bestselling author of The Sandman comics and numerous novels, including American Gods.


"Owl Goingback is a writer of Great Skill. I love his work." –George A. Romero, legendary horror director, Night of the Living Dead.


"Owl Goingback remains one of our most accomplished writers of horror fiction."

–Terry Brooks, bestselling author of the Shannara novels.



Praise for Crota


"Convincing and fascinating. Crota is not a tale to read at night. It's a chiller."

--San Francisco Examiner.


"Goingback keeps the action brisk." –Publishers Weekly.


"Excellent debut by a talented storyteller. . . a fast and exciting read." –Rocky Mountain News.


"The suspense of a Clive Barker or Dean Koontz." –Kirkus Reviews.


"Engrossing . . . Claustrophobically frightening. . . (Goingback) turns an Indian myth into a monster of a tale." --South Florida Sun-Sentinel.


"An extraordinary visionary work." –Anniston Star.


"A powerful, nerve tingling story."  –Science Fiction Chronicle.



"Thrills and chills. . . An easy reading, compelling page-turner. . . A dynamic climax. . . Well written." –Hartford Courant.



Praise for Darker Than Night


"A chilling tale. . . Mr. Goingback creates a story line that rivals the best of the genre's masters. . . One of the year's best horror novels." –BookBrowser.


"Darker Than Night makes a fine addition to any horror lover's bookshelf." –Hellnotes.


"Owl Goingback puts the chill back in chiller." –The Chiaroscuro.


"This book scared the pants off me."—Terry Brooks.


Praise for Evil Whispers


"Goingback is the master of slow, steady suspense building. His climaxes are fast-paced, white-knuckled explosions of action. You're assured a great time with anything he writes." –Cemetery Dance.


"Evil Whispers is a fun, entertaining novel. Goingback is considered one of today's biggest talents in the field of horror." –Painted Rock Reviews.


"Owl Goingback does not disappoint." –Horror World


"Owl Goingback has woven yet another masterful tale of suspense and Native American lore." –Orlando Leisure.



Praise for Breed


"Breed should come with a warning on the cover: Danger. Heavy duty scare factor!"

Horror World.


"Breed is an entertaining read." –Fangoria.


"A well-crafted, highly readable tale." –Hellnotes.


"A good, unusually atmospheric tale of monsters and the unquiet undead." –Locus.


"Breed is a suspenseful train ride through St. Augustine history and folklore."

The St. Augustine Record.