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Coyote Rage

Coyote is on a murderous hunt, leaving behind a trail of carnage. The shape-shifter is determined to kill the human representatives to the Great Council in Galun'lati, eliminating the rule of mankind in the New World. The forces of evil are aligning. Can mankind be saved?


Sheriff Skip Harding is called to investigate a homicide unlike any he has seen before: the bodies are torn to pieces in the woods. Some think it's a bear. But others whisper it's the Crota, the great beast of legend that one day will reawaken. And that day has arrived.

Tribal Screams

Tribal Screams is a compelling collection of fantasy and horror stories. Gathered together for the very first time, these often hard to find tales include "Grass Dancer," a Nebula Award Nominee for best short story of the year.